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Will Crystals Heal Me From this Pandemic?

Over the duration of quarantine, I’ve come across many findings on the spiritual side of the internet. As someone who is not very religious and constantly searching for answers to the big questions of our universe, I became very appreciative of the outpouring of positive energy that is associated with a variety of spiritual mediums.

I have seen so much content about Eastern-influenced rituals, such as healing one’s chakras through meditation, crystals, affirmations, manifestations, and the like. Many meditation practices derive from the inner traditions of Hinduism. A chakra depicts a focal point of spiritual power in the body. Many of you may be familiar with the “third eye” chakra.

Seeing people’s lives change through the use of energetic items, such as crystals to fulfill their faith in their universe, has inspired me to get into the practice. From the little amount of knowledge that I’ve gleaned about crystals, I know that some crystals can harness so much energy, that some are recommended after trying “beginner” crystals. Each type of crystal can serve a type of purpose, such as healing one of your chakras, or fulfilling energy into a certain aspect of your life, such as love, transformation, grounding, confidence, etc.

Over the weekend, my friend gifted me three crystals that are ideal for beginners. First, I got a Rose Quartz, which channels energy to your heart chakra. Known as the love stone, Rose Quartz attracts love in and outside of the self. It allows one to be in tune with their compassion and empathy for others, and to also open up one’s emotions. It serves the heart focal point by benefitting the physical heart and the circulatory system.

With the Rose Quartz, I also received a gorgeous amethyst stone. This protective stone supports your third eye and crown chakras. It’s known for giving one decisive, clear energy that relaxes the mind, resulting in amplified meditation benefits.

The Clear Quartz is meaningful in fulfilling energy at all of the chakra focal points. Known for its healing properties, it’s known for clearing mental blocks and cleansing the organs.


I still have yet to witness the power of these crystals, but I anticipate seeing how crystals can change my life. During this pandemic, I think a lot of people have felt large mental blocks and repressed feelings of confusion and grief, and we all want some normalcy. Perhaps the power trapped in these crystals will provide me with new clarity and ease at whatever is thrown at me in the near future!

Ali Friedberg

Jefferson '23

I'm Ali and I'm a psychology/occupational therapy student. Lover of cheesecake, old music, and self care?
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