Why the WWE Women’s Championship Matters to Every Woman

My HC staff teases me about my love of wrestling all the time, and I don’t blame them. It’s a unique entity to say the least. If you don’t get it, you just don’t get it. That’s totally fine, but here’s something you should know because it’s something that matters to all women. The WWE made a big statement this past Sunday at their largest event of the year, by rebranding the “Diva’s” Championship to the Women’s Championship. The three ladies fighting for this new and prestigious title put on very arguably the match of the night and what some are calling the match of the year. The segment even ended with fireworks, which in the wrestling world symbolize the importance of victory. In short, the women in the WWE just made a huge step forward towards equality in the industry. 

Sasha Banks with one of the best moves of the night

Charlotte becomes the first WWE Women's Champion at the largest show, Wrestlemania

Just looking at the old championship belt compared to the new one, the difference is obvious. The first (pictured bellow) looks like it’s a toy, or a butterfly earring from Claire’s. It does act as a visual symbol that the title is worth anything. The second is a championship. It’s actually very visually similar to the men’s highest title. Except ours is in red, which reminds me of lipstick and has a very avert feminine power to it. 


The now-retired Divas Championship belt

The new WWE Women's Championship belt 

The men's WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt


For the first time, the female and male “superstars” are being talked about and approached like equals. Art imitates life, and life imitates art. The way we think about these sort of things shape what they become. So this is a big deal, for all of us. Maybe you’re still thinking what wrestlers pretend to do on television doesn’t matter to you, so let me leave you with explanation from one of the female Superstars, Sasha Banks. 

“A couple years ago, people would leave the arena [during the women’s matches] to go to the bathroom…we were called the bathroom break..."


"And now people stay, and they want to come to wrestling shows to see the women perform…So Just to have that moment, I was like ‘god I’m a part of history right now.’”


So ladies, never let anyone tell you that you’re the bathroom break, because you are the main event.