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“Do you want go thrifting?” A day of thrifting also means purchasing a drink to sip on while I’m in the store and of course getting food after being satisfied with my finds. So with all this in mind, that single question is the reason my bank account does not like me right now. But, I would never leave thrifting behind because it’s so good for our environment.

In 2020, everyone started to love thrifting and buying from secondhand stores instead of fast fashion stores and big corporations. It reduces fast-fashion waste and increases sustainability by reusing and repurposing clothing. Like everyone else, I was extremely bored during quarantine, so I started thrifting too. Since then, 90% of the clothing I have bought are from thrift stores and secondhand clothing outlets. I have always loved fashion and trends, so I am also naturally a big clothing hoarder. Therefore, I decided that if I was going to buy clothes anyway, I might as well purchase them with the intention of aiding a good cause.

My favorite thrift experience this school year was in the fall semester. My friends and I went to an event hosted by Solo Society, a traveling East Coast thrift market, at a huge workshop in Philadelphia, PA. The event was really overwhelming because there were so many people there, but I loved that so many people were participating in something that helps our environment. I also ended up buying two pieces of clothing that I wear pretty often now for under $15 total, a white lace dress and a mini cargo skirt.

All in all, although it breaks my bank account’s heart, I will not be giving up thrifting. So, I decided that I will always say yes to the question “Do you want to go thrifting?”

Deanna Brown

Jefferson '27

Hi, my name is Deanna Brown and I am a visual communication design major at Thomas Jefferson University. My favorite colors are lavender, fuscia, and basically any pastel shade. I listen to almost every genre of music; some of my favorite artists from different genres are TXT, SZA, Baby Keem, Bob Marley, and Green Day. My interest in the arts began with upcycling, making collages for my friends' birthdays, sketching costumes for halloween, and making flyers for school clubs in middle school. In high school, I spent a lot of time evolving my fine arts skills in mediums like pastels, acrylic paints, and photography. Then when I got to college, I chose to major in graphic arts. I am joining HerCampus under the graphic design position because I want to further my skills in graphic design through a club that I would genuinely enjoy.