Why Everyone Needs To See Harry Styles Live

  1. The man has an amazing voice


When he first walked onto the stage, I was already starstruck. He didn’t even open his beautiful mouth yet and I was already screaming. The first minute of his opening song, Only Angel, was all instrumental so I was preparing to hear his voice live for the first time...which felt like the longest minute of my life. When he finally started singing after all the hype, every second was worth it. I was smiling from ear to ear for the entire show. His voice was even better live than it was coming from my phone.

  1. He supports the LGBT community


Harry Edward Styles is a bi-con (bisexual icon). He performed an unreleased bisexual anthem called "Medicine" and waved around the 

rainbow pride flag all throughout the concert. Iconic.

  1. He tells jokes and connects with the crowd


Not only was I crying during his amazing performances, but I was also laughing the hardest I had ever laughed before. He is hilarious and could definitely be a stand-up comedian if he needs a side job.

  1. He is extremely grateful for everyone who supports him


At his last show, he performed the song "Kiwi" as last song THREE TIMES! This was because he wanted to be on stage as long as possible and never wanted it to end. "Kiwi" is unarguably the best song on the album and hearing it three times in a row made this the best night of my life. Giving back to his fans is something Harry does a lot and I am so grateful for this man.

  1. It is a life changing experience and I would go again in a heartbeat if I could

This concert changed my life. I would not stop talking about this experience for an entire month afterwards. It was the best night of my life

and I loved every second of it.