Why Ariana’s “thank u, next” should be your break up anthem

Ariana Grande has yet again put out another song that many love and relate to. From her early songs of “The Way” and “Problem” to more recent songs like “no tears left to cry”, Ari continues to provide our female generation with empowering songs that explain as women we shouldn’t waste our time and energy on boys that don’t deserve it.

Ariana’s newest single “thank u, next” has become one of my favorites. She explains some of her past relationships and how she learned from them. One of the most empowering lines she sings is, “look what you got, look what you taught me.” And for that, Ariana, thank you for showing the females of this day in age that wrong relationships help us to find the right ones, and thank you for showing us that some relationships aren’t worth the heartache that so many endure. So ladies, if you’re going through a heartache or a boy made you sad, turn on some Ariana and remember who you are and that you will grow from each and every relationship you encounter.