White Collar TV Show Review

          If you love FBI shows then you might want to check out White Collar. The show follows special agent Peter Burke and his criminal consultant Neal Caffrey. Together they work on white collar cases in New York and have to deal with things that come from Neal’s past that put them in danger.

          The show mainly follows Neal Caffrey (grey suit). Ex con man turned into a criminal consultant, he’s always teetering on the edge of what’s legal and what isn’t. A brilliant forger and con man, he utilizes his talents to help the New York City’s white-collar division solve cases from art thefts to fraud cases. After escaping from prison from a four-year sentence, he requests to be released into an agents’ care so he’s able to leave prison but under the eye of the FBI.

          Enter special agent Peter Burke (black suit). Peter is the agent that had caught Neal the first time and then the second time when he escaped from prison. The two make a good team when it comes to taking down criminals in New York. Even though they work well together, Peter still feels distrust towards Neal at times. This causes their relationship to be strained one day and to be really good the next. Even when times aren’t the best they managed to work together really well and solve cases. I always love watching Neal go undercover and play a role to help recover stolen goods. There’s even an episode where Peter and Neal switch identities! These two go through so much in 6 seasons and it’s great watching their relationship grow.

          Now, these two would not be able to go through everything in the show alone. Neal has his trusty friend Mozzie (far left) who is a character himself. Moz believes in every conspiracy theory out there and he would tell you all about them, from Hitler clones to an underground city parking lot that is only accessible to those in on it. Even though he is an odd character, he makes you laugh! The important thing about Moz is that he taught Neal everything about being a con man. Neal wouldn’t be who he is without Moz. Moz also has a far reach when it comes to the “white collar criminal community” and assists the FBI countless times on cases.

          Peter also has his wife Elizabeth (far right). Elizabeth runs her own party planning business. She supports Peter many times when things aren’t going well with Neal (since he probably got them involved into something illegal) and gives him great advice on what to do. One of the things I love about Elizabeth is her relationship with Neal. For taking up so much of Peter’s time before Neal went to jail she gets along with Neal really well and seems to look at the good in Neal and not the bad things he could do. She’s a strong female character that is rational and knows how to stay calm and cool when things are bad. 

          I actually tried watching this show in high school and I couldn’t get into it so I stopped. A few years later I tried watching the show again in college and I fell in love. I binged watched the entire show in a few weeks and I couldn’t help thinking to myself why I hadn’t watched this show before! I love crime solving shows and this definitely fit that genre. If you haven’t already watched White Collar I would highly recommend giving it a try!