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Which Disney Encanto Character Are You?

Encanto, Disney’s latest animated film, is probably one of the first of many more Disney films that will challenge older generations, reinvigorate current generations, and enlighten new generations. This film discusses so many topics and in a format that fits various audience types. Furthermore, the short stories within the film make it so every member of the family is the “main character” and it will certainly help you feel like you are not alone in the world. Although Mirabel’s character was the focus of the film, I thoroughly enjoyed the songs, scenes, and stories associated with many of the characters, though some in particular stood out. These characters were made even more memorable because a wide range of audience members can relate to one or many of the characters and their stories. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Isabela: The Golden Child
    1. Oftentimes in families, there is the “perfect” child, or in communities, there are those “perfect” people. Those people, we think, have it all: the looks, the guy, the talent; it seems like absolutely nothing is wrong with them or their lives.
    2. This film empathizes with those people and shines a light on the struggle of these hidden perfectionists and people pleasers.
  2. Luisa: An ambassador for all the oldest daughters of immigrant families according to TikTok and me
    1. Although the middle daughter of the Madrigal family, social media users took to their respective platforms (myself included) on how this daughter and her song, “Surface Pressure,” really spoke to them, specifically as the oldest daughters of immigrant families.
    2. Although on the surface, Isabela is someone who does hard things effortlessly, deep down, she reveals how all of this pressure to help her family and community is ultimately testing her limits and inflicting pain, anxieties, and sorrow upon her.
  3. Julieta: Our moms
    1. Mirabel’s mother is a representation of mothers or mother-figures in society, the ones who can heal us physically or emotionally. In this case, Julieta literally heals people with her food.
    2. This just reflects how, for most of us, the taste of our mother’s food can heal in real life; bringing tears to our eyes and smiles on our faces, especially when we’re having a hard time.
  4. Aunt Pepa: is one phrase enough to capture her character?
    1. Although the film doesn’t focus largely on Mirabel’s aunt, Aunt Pepa, there are frequently scenes that show her storming around (literally) or attempting to solace herself back into a “sunny” mood
    2. This could relate to someone with mental health issues such as anxiety. Or people who have too many responsibilities, yet they’re forced to bottle it up and put on certain faces for the sake of others.
  5. Bruno: The Black Swan
    1. Bruno, in short, is the “misunderstood disappointment” to this perfect family. For people who might also feel this way, Disney offers a plotline of forgiveness, misunderstandings, communication issues, and redemption.
    2. (I felt it was a really quick ending to a complex story, but alas it is a Disney movie with a certain target audience and focus)
    3. His story nearly broke my heart, yet I found myself laughing the most at his scenes, funniest character by far.
  6. Abuela: The eye of the storm that forgets it’s the eye
    1. To me, broadly speaking, Abuela represented elders in immigrant families. Often misunderstood by younger generations, it’s common to despise them and rebel, but when we hear their stories and origins, we begin to see how it came to be. Not to condone Abuela’s behavior but even as Mirabel hears Abuela speak about how their miracle came to be, we’re being put into Abuela’s shoes and empathizing about her life and the decisions she had to take for her family.
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