What Not to Wear on Halloween

It’s that time of year where all those who participate in Halloween are scouring the Internet and Pinterest for the next best costume idea. Each Halloween season, the costumes seem to be more wild and unique than the last. Sometimes people seem to take dressing up too far...but how far is too far? When brainstorming costume ideas, it is important to consider other cultures, religions, and communities. There is a long history of Americans being insensitive to others through their costume choices. Some may not consciously recognize this, but should be aware that this sends a message of ignorance. Of course it is important to have fun and express yourself, but not at the expense of others’ backgrounds and histories. Any costume that can be deemed offensive in regards to race, sexual orientation, body objectification, cultural “stereotypes”, or a tragic event should be avoided. Despite personal beliefs, it is so important to understand how others can be impacted. Dress up as something that can be appreciated without offending or hurting anyone!