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What is love, and why does everyone want it? And why is it when you have it, it’s like a crazy, euphoric, scary roller coaster that ends with true love in marriage or just bitter heartbreak? You either find the one you think you’re supposed to spend the rest of your life with, or you don’t, and then you have to keep trying in a mentally desperate plea that you won’t die alone. Honestly, love is the one thing in this world that I haven’t fully grasped. I’ve seen it, felt it to a certain extent, imagined it, and wanted it. But still, no luck. I’m not going to lie and say I’ve never felt “love” because I have. But only for my family, close friends, and animals of course. I’ve never actually been “in love,” that deep, true, agape, selfless, “end-of-the-world” type of love- I would know if I have. And yes, there are some people I meet and I feel the sparks for sure, but if you’re a hopeless romantic like me- you overthink every new person, connection, and thought you experience. It’s like, how will I truly know if he’s the one? Where are the doves? Where’s the freaking violin playing in the background?


There are many types of love in the world, you can google that if you don’t believe me. Saying that love is not just a singular term, it is universal, multidimensional, and can be felt and seen in so many different ways. Like the skip of a heartbeat, the dilation of his eyes, and goosebumps from that one small significant touch.

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