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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Jefferson chapter.

Two of Her Campus Jefferson’s lovely writers have music recommendations to get you in the mood for all things Spring! Throw open the windows, crank up your speakers, and enjoy these selections from Jenn Arden and Meeval Biju.

Jenn’s Go-To Spring Tunes:

Since Sunday, March 20th was the first day of spring, now is the right time to begin organizing a refreshing spring playlist! Gathering together the perfect combination of sounds to give you that sunny, bubbly feeling. To getcha started, here are some of my favorite spring tunes…

  1. Sunflower – Rex Orange County
  2. Cigarette Daydreams – Cage The Elephant
  3. Daft Pretty Boys – Bad Suns
  4. T-Shirt Weather – Circa Waves
  5. Peachy – Bad Suns
  6. Hold In, Hold On – Kid Bloom
  7. Liz – Remi Wolf
  8. Lancaster Nights – Charlie Burg
  9. Prom – SZA
  10. Young & Alive – Bazzi
  11. I Just Wanna Shine – Fitz and the Tantrums
  12. The Spins – Mac Miller
  13. The Sun – Maroon 5
  14. OK – Wallows, Remi Wolf, & Solomonophonic
  15. Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? – She & Him
  16. Flowers In Your Hair – The Lumineers
  17. Don’t Lose Sight – Lawrence 
  18. Golden – Harry Styles
  19. Here Comes The Sun – The Beatles
  20. Best Friend – Rex Orange County

Your Curated Playlist from Meeval:

Usually, I have a new playlist about every month, but both last spring and this spring I seem to just have one playlist encompassing several months. I don’t know if it is because so many things change during Spring that I just want music to be my consistency, but that’s my main hypothesis as of now.

Anyway, the playlist that I have for this “Spring,” is called “cheat code,” and I started it February 16 and am still adding to it as we near the start of April. Here are some of my favorites from it!

  1. Your love – brb., Jimmy Brown
  2. If Feel Your Love – Luli Lee
  3. Winter blossom – Dept, Ashley Alisa, nobody likes you pat
  6. 5 STAR – CL
  7. Cloud – Jimmy Brown
  8. You are my Literature – Park Soeun
  9. Mm Mm – Sole
  10. Stay Alive – Jungkook
  11. Love Again – BAEKHYUN
  12. Red Wine – LambC
  13. Good Good Night – JANNABI
  14. EVERYTHING & Till The End of Time – The Black Skirts
  15. Let’s Go See the Stars – Jukjae, Kim Hyun Woo
  16. Sorry I’m Not Sorry – Monsta X
  17. Love on the Weekend – Aria Ohlsson
  18. Flower Jar – lunCHbox, Yoon Lip
  19. 11:11 – TAEYEON
  20. Get it – Keshi

These songs among many others are that have floated through my ears as we gradually get closer to summer. With just a month left of this semester let’s finish strong.

Jennifer Arden

Jefferson '25

Jenn is a second-year student in the Health Sciences: Pre-Nursing Program at Jefferson. She loves spending time with her friends and family, making Spotify playlists, and working towards her goals. Her passions include music, self-care, and self-love!
Meeval Biju

Jefferson '24

Hello hello! I'm a student at Jefferson University. I love science, music, food, and sleep.