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East Falls is known to be one of the quieter neighborhoods in Philly. I’ve had the pleasure of living in the area for 4 years now. One of my favorite things about East Falls is its transformation during the fall season. The neighborhood has a lot of older and more historic buildings that give a darker and more sultry feeling. This is very welcomed during the fall months and really gets people into the fall spirit. 

One of my favorite fall activities is visiting the Pretzel Park Farmer’s Market. This market can be found at Manayunk’s Pretzel Park, 4300 Silverwood St, Philadelphia, PA. This market runs from 10 am – 2 pm every Saturday!

Some of the vendors include: 

Walnut Run Farm – Farm based in Chester County that is known for producing meat, eggs, kombucha, milk, cheese, and honey!

Austin’s Tea – Produce small batches of whole-leaf tea and sell high-quality teaware from China, Japan, and Taiwan. 

Cocky Gourmet Confections – Small batch bakery that provides delicious candy. Most famously known for their brittle and toffee!

Craved Kreations – Dessert company that makes homemade ice cream in small batches. 

Fifth of a Farm Creations – Creates small batch jams and jellies as well as other types of preserves. 

Five Saints Distilling – A unique distillery that provides vodka, whiskey, gin, orange liquor, rum, and absinthe. 

Fruit Veggie Juice – Fruit and vegetable juice catering business that focuses on the use of kale, oranges, apples, and lemons. 

Gator Bites Pet Treats – Provides natural human-grade dog treats!

Locust Ridge Honey and Produce – Focuses on old farming traditions to produce primarily garlic and shallots. 

Mike’s Guac – Provides an 11-ingredient guacamole, salsa, and pico de gallo. 

Molto Bene Ravioli – Creating small batch ravioli while also providing pasta sauces, pestos, and meatballs. 

Pickle Monster Hot Sauce – Homemade pickles in different flavors such as hot sauce, hoagie sauce, garlic, onion, and spicy boi.  

Shay Lynn – Handcrafted jewelry, earrings, necklaces, tie dye goods, and artwork. 

The Silken Fox – Local artist who created hand-dyed silk scarves. 

Wallflower Handmade Pottery – Local ceramic artist who makes handmade plates, mugs, plants, and trays inspired by nature. 

For more information visit: https://www.eastfallsfarmersmarket.com/

Mari Adamson

Jefferson '24

Mari is a 4th year at Jefferson University, majoring in health sciences and enrolled in the Pre-Physician's Assistant Program with a minor in Law. In her spare time she enjoys hiking and finding new places to eat. She also has a passion for photography and self-care!