Take Care of Yourself, Ladies!

Hello everyone, this week I am taking the time to tell all of you how important it is to stay healthy and avoid getting sick.

Unfortunately, I have been diagnosed with Mono this week (short for mononucleosis). Mostly everyone gets Mono at some point in time. It is nicknamed the “kissing disease,” so you can imagine why it is so common...especially on college campuses. I started getting Mono symptoms on Thursday, and it carried on through the weekend. The main symptom for me was swollen lymph nodes, more specifically the lymph nodes on the neck. I knew something was off with me when I felt a bump in the back of my head, which was really unusual for me and honestly alarming (don’t look up your symptoms on the internet, you WILL freak yourself out!!). Turns out, it was more swollen lymph nodes, which I found interesting because I didn’t know there were lymph nodes in the back of your head. I went to health services and got checked out. I thought it was for sure strep throat because of the inflamed lymph nodes and discomfort focusing in my throat. I told the nurse practitioner about my symptoms and she proceeded to examine me. The one thing everyone should know about Mono is that it causes your spleen to become enlarged and this can be dangerous. It is dangerous because your spleen is what filters blood, so if it ruptures you can bleed out! This was kind of scary to hear, so I will definitely be taking it easy while I’m getting over being sick and avoid rigorous activity.

What sucks the most about Mono is that you can’t really do anything to speed up the process and recovery, and you just have to ride it out. It worries me how it takes about 6 weeks for it to be completely out of your system and for me to not be contagious. I’m going to have to be extra careful when I drink and eat and make sure nobody shares with me so they don’t get sick! My roommates already set aside designated utensils for me to use, which I thought was funny. I can’t blame them for taking extra precaution, getting sick near the end of the semester is the last thing I would want to do. At least Thanksgiving break is near, and I can use that time to relax, recuperate, and get back to being healthy.

Here are some easy peasy tips that will help you stay healthy this semester;

Getting enough sleep: This is very important for the brain and for your immune system!

Drinking lots of fluids: Always a must!

Bundle up: Don’t forget your jacket when walking to class, yes even if it cramps your style/outfit, it’s not worth it!

Wash your hands...always: This is important for not only you but your roommates and other people you come into contact with. Just imagine now many germs are on that door handle… yuck!


Make sure you follow these great tips! Being sick while in school is NOT fun, take it from me...who is currently experiencing MONO!!