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Sustainable Fashion Brands You Need to Start Shopping At!

I think it is obvious that there seems to be more and more fashion brands coming out that are destroying the planet. Companies like Shein, H&M, Boohoo, etc. are not at all eco-friendly, and don’t exactly give us the information as to where their clothes are made. But what makes a sustainable brand? A company that is qualified as sustainable means that they ensure their workers are being treated and paid fairly, cares and reduces their carbon footprint, and uses vegan fabrics that do not use any animal products or fabrics!

I do understand, however, that some of these sustainable brands are on the pricier side, which results in everyone shopping more for less, so here are some options for shopping sustainable online for a decent price!

1.   ZAVI

Zavi is a men’s and women’s casual clothing brand that is very eco-friendly. They value their sustainability and ensure their care for the planet. Zavi uses natural fibers and dyes that are organically produced. The factories where their clothes are made are clean, and they only use factories that they know are certified. “To ensure compliance with fair labour practices, we personally implement routine audits at our factories to see to it that each of our workers is paid a living wage or more.”

2.   Reformation

Now, although Reformation is a little bit on the pricier side, it is so worth it. They sincerely prioritize being eco-friendly, and their clothes are amazing quality that will last you multiple wears for multiple years. Their “sustainability” tab on their website goes really in depth on their processes and the people they impact which is all explained in a very simple and informative way.

3.   Simple Retro

This vintage-inspired, eco-friendly brand is hard not to adore! Their clothes are very reasonably priced for the great quality, and they have a lot of sales. They have many ways of staying sustainable that are explained on their website in depth. One thing that helps Simple Retro stand out is GoFundHer, a digital financial platform which empowers women to connect with sponsors worldwide to help turn their dreams into reality.

 4.   Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices is a men’s and women’s workout brand that has great quality for a decent price. Along with selling clothes, they have “The Recreationalist”, where there is a community you can sign up to be a part of to read great articles from people to provide positivity.

5.   Cerqular

Cerqular is for buyers and sellers to have a platform to make sustainable shopping easy, accessible, and affordable all in one place. “To give everyone peace of mind, it’s our promise that every seller and product is verified to be sustainable, organic, recycled, carbon neutral, vegan, eco-friendly or circular. We’ve checked them all one by one and poured a lot of time and energy into making sure they care about the planet just as much as we do.” On this website, you can buy anything from clothes to home to electronics from a ton of different brands!

Brielle Manzo

Jefferson '24

I am Brielle Manzo, and I am a sophomore at Thomas Jefferson University! I have a passion for fashion, and love writing about it! I also love to write anything life, beauty, or advice.
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