Spring Essentials

My friends and I gathered together a list of our spring essentials. These are things that are absolutely necessary for the changing weather and spring time. Enjoy!!



-Orange essential oil. “Absolutely perfect for the spring time, and its known for strengthening your aura and soothing your senses.” ($2.99 at The Vitamin Shoppe)

-Pastel nail polish, specifically OPI’s Meet a Boy Cute As Can Be. “I’ve literally been wearing this nonstop as soon as the weather got warmer!” ($8.75 at Walmart)


-Cute umbrella. “April Showers Sis”. ($7 at Old Navy)

-Highlighter. Specifically, ELF highlighter. “Like $3? And it makes you look like a glistening goddess”. ($3 at Target)

-Fluorite! “This crystal blocks out negative energy and helps you focus on finals”. ($4 from Etsy.com)

-Lemon, cypress, and rosemary essential oils “to help with focus and creative thinking”.


-Essie nail polish in pastel colors, specifically in the shade Bikini So Teeny. ($8.79 at Target)

-NARS lip balm in the shade Orgasmic. ($28 at Sephora)


-Gilmore Girls on Netflix because “we all need to let our inner mom indulge”.

-Fenty Flyliner “because duh.” ($20 from fentybeauty.com)


-Platform sandals, specifically Doc Martens. ($100 at Urban Outfitters)

-Cat eye sunglasses ($10 at target)

-Watermelon moisturizer by Glow Recipe ($39 at Sephora)


-Juice Beauty tinted C.C cream with SPF ($39 at Ulta)


-Sweet Pea scented spray ($14 at Bath and Body Works)

-Scrub gloves for the shower “an always essential but especially for spring” ($3.99 at CVS)