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Songs about Time that Hit a Little Too Close to Home

It’s already February? We’re 4 weeks into a semester? Lately, I’ve been really feeling the passage of time. Sometimes, I am abruptly reminded of how I am here, and now. And although a fresh-new 19-year-old, I found that my music has unconsciously reflected my thoughts on time, though I’ve experienced so little of it thus far. Anyway, here are some of the tunes I’ve had on my playlist “hello 2022,” which has recently been rebranded as “protective soul.”

  1. Monopoly – Ariana Grande & Victoria Monét (this has nothing to do with time, it’s the song which inspired my rebranded title)
  2. Surface Pressure – Jessica Darrow (also not time, just Encanto, chefs kiss)
  3. don’t miss me Claire – Rosinkranz
    • “So, I never take my chances, cause I know I’ll break apart.”
  4. Everybody’s Hero – Sampa the Great, Estelle
    • I found this song from the series “Finding Dion,” on Netflix (Shoutout to the person who decides songs for Netflix series and films, because they’re 11/10)
  5. Dos Oruguitas – Sebastian Yatra (yes, time)
    • You know when you a love song you play it on loop until you become sick of it? I think I’ve accidentally self-sabotaged this song for myself. From the first time I heard it, it’s such a emotional delivery visually, lyrics, and in the music itself.
    • “And so afraid of change, in a world that never stops changing, so let the walls come down, the world will never stop changing.”
    • It’s like someone wise is telling a young person how to navigate life
  6. Complicated – Mac Miller
    • “Well, I’m way too young to be getting old.”
    • In short, the song is saying, without any complications, I want to live my life.
  7. Younger Days – Joy Oladokun
    • I found myself relating to this lol
    • It’s nostalgic in the lyricism and music. It’s embracing our regrets and pasts as part of our youth and as a part of fate/destiny in a way.
  8. Passing Through (Can’t the Future Just Wait) – Kaden MacKay
    • Every time I listen to this song I find something new in the lyrics
    • “No one likes an ending, so what’s with the attention we keep on giving them”
    • “Why do we spend so much time dreading our lives instead of living them?”
  9. sex money feelings die – Lykke Li
  10. Beyond – Leon Bridges
  11. 30/90 – tik tik…BOOM!
    • This series was incredible, Jonathan Larson was absolutely incredible.
    • “They’re singing ‘Happy Birthday,’ I just wish it all were a dream, it feels much more like doomsday, f 30/90.”
  12. Sometimes – H.E.R.
    • Sometimes you feel some ways.
  13. My Time – BTS
    • Not on this specific playlist, but the lyrics are similar to the theme I’ve established thus far. In this essay I will…

Anyway readers, happy early Valentine’s Day and have a good February!

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