Small Town Problems Going to School in a Big City

Freshman year, the time when everyone is introducing themselves and there are students coming from near and far. For me, I’m pretty far from home, and I also grew up in a small town so being here in Philadelphia is a bit of a change for me. Due to this, I have been in repeated situations that only one from a small town would understand.

1. “So you’re from Upstate NY?” Yeah, I’m from Sherrill, NY. “Where?” Never mind, I’m from Syracuse

2. “Yeah I went to a small high school.” Oh really, I graduated with 150 in my class. What about you? “About 600”

3. “I have family from Upstate New York.” From where? “Binghamton”

4. “Our spirit week was so lit, what was yours like?” We had bring your tractor to school day. “I’m sorry, what?”

5. “You can venmo me for the uber” what?

6. “Take the east falls line to suburban, then get off and take the septa to 17th street.” Again, what?

7. “Would you like water ice with that?”

8. And having to use a crosswalk, like when do you cross?? Before the sign, when every local does, or do you be polite and wait for the crossing guard to signal you to go?

9. And last, but not least, when you hear people arguing about Wawa and Sheetz.

Source: Gify