Simple Ways to Use Less Plastic

The month of April holds Earth Day, and even during these uncertain times, it’s important to remember the planet we live on and help save her with all the ways we can. There are so many small things that can lead to bigger things and there are a ton of companies out there helping out with the initiative to use less plastic!


Water Bottles and Tumblers

Water bottles are probably the most common way to cut down on your plastic, but people often forget about tumblers! If you bring a reusable cup to places like Starbucks and Dunkin, they have no problem using it instead of their own disposable cups, and some places may even give you a discount! I bring my own tumbler of tea and reusable water bottle to school every day. Yes, it’s a little annoying to have to make space for 2 cups and carry them around all the time, but I haven’t bought a plastic bottle of water in about a year (maybe more?) and the guys at Dunkin know my order and my cup! It’s all about forming a habit of bringing your cups with you which can be tough to start, but pretty soon it will be part of your daily routine!



Say it with me, “It’s not weird to bring your own fork!” It’s not! I promise! I put a fork in my backpack, I put one in my purse, I keep them in the car, they’re everywhere! But I am always prepared and whenever I feel weird about it, I shrug it off. This is my way of cutting down on plastic and it is so simple. We use regular forks in our homes and when we eat at restaurants, why should it be any different when you’re on the go? Just be sure to replace the forks (wherever you put them) so that you’re staying clean and healthy.


Shopping bags

To the supermarket? Yes of course! To the mall? Yea that too! Wherever you’re headed out shopping today, bring an extra tote to hold the things that you buy. Reusable bags are not just for food shopping, they’re for everywhere else too! Buffalo Exchange is a great example of a store that doesn’t supply plastic bags and encourages you to bring your own, it also provides reusable ones for a small cost! I know there are some stores that even charge extra for plastic bags, so this is just more initiative to bring your own. My added advice to this tip is to make sure you get a receipt with your purchases because it can look a little sketchy to be walking around with an unmarked bag full of new things.


Ziplock bags

I grew up in a house where it was very common to wrap up that half an apple you didn’t finish and stick it in the fridge in a plastic zip lock bag until you wanted it again. There are reusable zip lock bags, made from silicon and are totally plastic free that are great alternatives. Another option I was introduced to was wax wraps. It’s a reusable waxy piece of fabric that you can wrap your leftovers in that keeps your food good in your fridge! Both of these options are dishwasher safe and easy to find online or at places like Bed Bath and Beyond and Target.



Liquid soap? Who needs it! Bars of soap can be just as cute, smell just as nice, and make you just as clean, without an ounce of plastic needed. This also goes for shampoo and conditioner. It was definitely a transition for me to use bars in my hair, but my hair still feels really clean and the bars last way longer because I feel like I use less than if I’m pouring it into my hand. There are so many amazing soap brands out there for all different types of skin and hair to keep you and the earth clean.


Here are some brands that offer some of the things I was talking about!


Also, check out to find new, sustainable things to love!