Show Recommendation: Unbelievable

I recently watched a show on Netflix that has had me thinking about it since I finished it. Unbelievable is a one season show on Netflix that is based off a true story. A fellow Her Campus Jefferson member (shout-out Lily Quinn) recommended it and I finished it in approximately 2 days! (The fastest I’ve ever finished a show!)

Unbelievable is about a troubled girl that reports a break-in and rape in her own home, however the cops don’t seem to believe her, so they dismiss her case (in a terrible way).

Meanwhile, a series of mysterious and ritualistic rapes start happening elsewhere and these two bad-as* female detectives work to try and solve the case.

I was on the edge of my seat during the whole show and just couldn’t wait to watch more. Even though it was sad and pretty hard to watch at some parts (rape can be very triggering for some), other aspects made it more manageable to watch, including the ongoing suspicion and actor casting. The actors were incredible, including one of my favorites: Toni Collette, and a new favorite, Merritt Wever. The show highlighted the difficulties of coming forward/speaking out and also the difficulties of adjusting to life after trauma. I don’t want to ruin the ending for you but trust me when I tell you it is worth the watch!