The Secret

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been in a mental slump, so my one friend suggested I watch the documentary called “The Secret”. She gave me zero details about why I should watch it, but I needed something to listen to while working. I grabbed my headphones and laptop, and sat down for about an hour and a half to watch something I did not expect at all. While I do want to talk about the premise of the documentary, I will not be giving away a lot of details in case anyone wants to watch it.

            Jumping into this, I had no inkling of what it was going to be about. The intro of the documentary gave off this occult-like vibe and freaked me out a bit. It kept mentioning this secret, how we can’t live without it, and how it was the basic component of human psyche and beliefs. I was thoroughly creeped out, to the point I had to stop about 10 minutes in and pick it up later. I panicked for no reason though, because the whole documentary ended up being about the Law of Attraction. The principle of the theory of the Law of Attraction is what you put out into the world, whether it be thoughts or actions, is what you attract to yourself. For example, if I think that I will get all good grades by the end of the semester, then it will for the most part become reality. According to several people that came on to talk about the theory, they claim this Law has brought them what they wanted in life.

There are parts of the documentary that I agree with. The idea that your actions and words and even thoughts will eventually come back around to you is something I’ve always believed in. Things have consequences and sometimes you don’t realize that what you put out there is what you get. In the sense of what the documentary is getting at, this is where I get a little fuzzy about how well this Law of Attraction works. The documentary claims that if you consistently think, “I will make a million dollars by next year,” that it will happen. It is good to be optimistic about life and its outcomes, but this Law goes a little too far in that sense. This also raises the idea that people who suffer in life wished it upon themselves, which is an insane idea. I cannot fathom that aspect of the Law of Attraction.

                       There were plenty of good things I got out of the documentary. I personally need to enforce a positive outlook on my life and focus more on what I want in life. On the flip side, taking the Law of Attraction so seriously and thinking it’s the reason for other people’s downfalls isn’t something I could accept. Luckily, theories like these allow us to pick it apart and choose what we want to focus on, because it’s only a theory. It was still interesting to watch and listen how this Law affected the people’s lives. If you wish to watch this documentary, it’s on Netflix!

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