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Scorpio Season Is Here and I Could Not Be More Excited

Not many people look forward to the end of Fall, but I could not be more excited for the season that is to come. Since my birthday is during Scorpio season, I always find that this is the time of year where I feel most connected with my inner spirit. Scorpio season gives us an amazing opportunity to take a journey deep into our inner beings and transform our energy.

This year, I found that Libra season really tested my strength and patience. It all started when I got my wisdom teeth out on September 27th. I purposely didn’t bring my dog Daisy home to my parents’ house that weekend because their dogs had fleas. Of course, a few days after I got back to my apartment from being home for the surgery, Daisy had fleas which must have transferred from my parents’ dogs to me then to her. Not only was my mouth still healing, but I had to clean my entire apartment over and over for the next two weeks. About a week later, I accidentally threw away my wallet and realized I got a C on a midterm that I definitely could have studied better for. Ultimately, the entire month of October brought me one challenge after another, and I am beyond ready to transform my frustration into a new positivity.

Now that it is Scorpio season, I can already feel a shift in my energy. I feel optimistic about the month to come. The flea problem is now finally under control, I feel caught up in my classes, and I have replaced the things I lost with my wallet. I turn 21 on November 8th and my sisters and I are going to see Dead and Company on the 9th! This will be my first time seeing my sister Rebecca since she moved to Hawaii in March and I can’t wait to give her the biggest hug.

Not only is my birthday in Scorpio season, but my mom was also born on November 8th. She is turning 60 this year while I turn 21, so it is a big one for us. I’ve bought us tickets to a Drag Show brunch and am so excited to see her reaction. Overall, I have a lot to look forward to in Scorpio season and am ready to witness the growth that is in store for the new year.

No matter what your astrological sign is, I hope that this year’s Scorpio season gives you the strength to dive into your inner energy and transform it into something great.

Sophia Bullard

Jefferson '21

third-year psychology/community and trauma counseling student 20 years old forever evolving
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