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Sarah Nellis

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Jefferson chapter.

Sarah Nellis is a Junior Industrial Design Major here at PhilaU. I sat down and talked to her about what it`s like being an RA, her main aspirations and her favorite spots to hangout at in Philly!

1. As an ID major, what have been some of your proudest accomplishments so far? 


My proudest accomplishment was definitely getting my chessboard displayed in Kanbar. It was a project that my partner and I worked very hard on, and we were excited to get our work recognized. 


2. What extracurricular activities are you involved in, on or off campus? 


I am part of two industrial design clubs, Tandem and IDSA. I also have an internship at a small furniture/home goods store in Manayunk. I am on the rowing team, and am also an RA. 


3. Which of those activities do you feel is most helpful or fulfilling? 


Being on the rowing team is definitely the most fulfilling. It gives me a nice break from school and studying. I like working out but sometimes I feel as though I don’t have enough time, so it definitely forces me to get my workout in every day. I also really like all the people, and have made a lot of friends on the team. 


4. How have you liked being an RA in fortress? Has it presented any challenges that you were able to solve?


I have liked being an RA. It’s definitely something that I’ve learned a lot from. I’ve especially learned a lot about leadership, and working with/ being in charge of other people. One challenge was time management. Being so busy helped me make sure that all of my time is being used effectively. Being an RA presented the big challenge to me of leading other people. I’m pretty shy naturally, so being an RA helped me to come out of my shell and talk to others more. 


5. As a more fun question, how do you like spending time in Philly? Do you have any favorite places you enjoy visiting? 


I like going to Reading Terminal market. I also like going to South Street, and thrift store shopping. Center city is also nice, near Bryant park. I also like the Walnut street shopping area, and the various parks in Philly. The festival pier near the water is also nice. 


6. Where do you see yourself in the future after you leave PhilaU? 


After PhilaU, I want to get an apartment in Philadelphia, and hopefully work for a furniture company.  

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