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As a design student who is not a big fan of silence, I find myself watching A LOT of TV through the many streaming services I (aka my parents) subscribe to. On a usual day, I can find myself watching at least 2 to 3 episodes of whatever my current show may be as I spend a few hours hunched over my computer pushing pixels and editing photos. This semester alone, I have watched five (several seasons long) shows, and so, in no particular order, here are my thoughts on my spring semester binges! 

  1. My Life With the Walter Boys – Netflix

My Life With the Walter Boys was my first binge of the semester and honestly, whether or not I would recommend it is highly up for debate. I started watching the show because I was sick and I needed something that was just totally unserious, and My Life With the Walter Boys definitely delivered that if nothing else. Based on a book series, the show follows 15-year-old Jackie after her family dies in a car crash, and has to move from Manhattan to Colorado to live with her mom’s best friend and all of her sons. (There is a dad and daughter in there too but the show, obviously, is focused on the sons.) As you would expect from any Netflix teen show, there is drama and romance that follows. If you are looking for something that is so incredibly cringe but will still get you hooked, My Life with the Walter Boys is a perfect pick. 

  1. Desperate Housewives – Hulu

At a friend’s recommendation, I began watching Desperate Housewives on Hulu as my next semester show. Desperate Housewives is essentially all of the things at once – comedy, drama, romance, mystery – making it a prime soap opera. The show follows four friends (who of course are housewives) living on the same street after the death of the fifth member of their group. Full of what I am pretty sure is satire, Desperate Housewives is absolutely addictive. I finished the entire 8 seasons between the third week of the semester and spring break. The characters, who each have loyal fan followings, are all absolutely unhinged and there are crazy twists and turns in every episode. Things are never quite what they seem, which is perhaps the message of the entire show. If you’re a fan of early 2000s TV and all of the crazy plot and dialogue that comes with it, Desperate Housewives is most certainly for you. 

  1. Gilmore Girls – Netflix 

Beginning during spring break, the classic Gilmore Girls is my current binge. Since I am experiencing a lot of decision fatigue as a result of finals, picking a comforting show to rewatch was top of my list. With its cozy fall vibes and warm lighting, it is no wonder Gilmore Girls is such a popular comfort show. The series follows Lorelai and her daughter Rory through their lives in their small Connecticut town and all of the eccentric characters who live there. The last time I watched the series was several years ago and it has been interesting rewatching it and seeing how my opinion and perspective on a lot of the characters has changed over time. As I push through my final design projects, Gilmore Girls is definitely going to be carrying me through. (P.S. Rory graduated high school in 2003. A.K.A. The year I was born….It was a little weird to watch.)

  1. Psych – Prime Video

Beyond my personal binges, my roommate and I have chosen a collective binge for long nights spent doing homework on our couch. Psych is a rewatch for both of us and a favorite show that absolutely never gets old. Skipping some of our least favorite episodes, we just reached Season 5. Psych follows hyper-observant Shawn Spencer who convinces the police department that he is actually a psychic, and soon after, begins a psychic detective agency with his best friend. Psych never fails to make me laugh and is the perfect pick-me-up during a late night of design work. 

Emma Prushan

Jefferson '25

Emma is a junior at Jefferson studying Visual Communication Design/Graphic Design. She serves as Senior Editor, Events Coordinator, and Graphic Designer of HerCampus Jefferson. In her free time, she enjoys reading, doing crafts, playing the guitar, and taking any opportunities to be creative!