Respect Your Mother Earth

Lately, something has been weighing extremely heavily on me. Seeing all of the news reports and articles on the increasing degradation of the Earth has really opened my eyes. I am now more aware than ever of my obligation to take care of the world around me. If more people just slightly changed their ways, the impact would show. If people took the extra 30 seconds to put their recyclables in the right bin or pick up trash wherever they see it, it would count for something. Even if you’re not a big believer in climate change, the environment has clearly been changing for the worse due to human error.  I have been trying to eliminate my waste as much as possible. I try not to use plastic water bottles and try to stick to a reusable one. I refuse plastic containers whenever possible and made a pact to myself that I will try so much harder to be a friend to the environment. Shy away from using plastic and paper utensils, as it takes so much water and chemicals to produce them. When going to a store, try to bring a reusable bag instead of taking the store’s. Try purchasing less disposable products and shifting to more reusable or multi-purpose ones. Use less chemicals, as it’s bad for your health and the environment. Reduce your carbon footprint as well! When you aren’t using an electronic or outlet, unplug chargers and devices whenever possible. Too often I leave my computer or phone charger plugged in when not using it but I now have a mental note to always unplug them. By using less electricity, it will not only cut costs but your carbon footprint. Decrease pollution by walking, biking, or taking public transportation whenever possible.  It is usually more costly but try to support businesses and products that are eco- friendly as they are geared towards sustainability. The products are also of better quality and last longer.   Go vote and make a change- push your government to make and enforce environmental protection laws!  Saving the environment is no longer something to be put on the backburner, it is a reality that the world needs to face. Everyone needs to be environmentally conscious. The extra effort is worth it; especially if it means better air quality, less pollution, decreased wildlife endangerment, more stable global temperatures and cleaner oceans. Please be kind to our Mother Earth because we only have one. The change starts with us.