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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Jefferson chapter.

Each year, the Visual Communication Design Program at Jefferson University hosts its highly anticipated Real World Alumni Panel. This event serves as a bridge between past and present, providing current students with insights into their future professional landscape. Held on March 29th this year, the panel provides a platform for alumni to share their experiences, examples of their work, and give some advice.

The Annual Real World Alumni Panel unfolds as a series of individual presentations, with each alumnus taking the stage to recount their journey since leaving the university. Through anecdotes, examples of their work, and personal reflections, they provide a comprehensive view of life after college. From navigating the challenges of freelance design to thriving in corporate environments, each presentation offers a unique perspective on starting a successful career path.

As the presentations conclude, the floor opens for a Q&A session. Here, current students can ask questions on portfolio development, job search, and more. The alumni offer practical advice and invaluable “pearls of wisdom” to guide students through the transition from academia to the professional world. 

For current students, the Annual Real World Alumni Panel is more than just an event; it’s a source of inspiration. Hearing firsthand experiences from those who’ve been in their shoes instills a sense of possibility. The panel creates a supportive community, fostering connections between generations and promoting the growth and success of all students at Jefferson. The insights gained from the panelists give students the knowledge and confidence to embark on their professional journeys. 

Anna Leonard

Jefferson '26

Anna is a sophomore at Jefferson studying Visual Communication Design. She serves as a writer and Graphic Designer for HerCampus. In her free time, she enjoys making all kinds of art, reading, watching movies, and going outdoors!