Profile: Courtney Wensel

            If I were asked to pick a student that represents the heart of what was once Philadelphia University but is now Jefferson, I would be quick to answer. It should be someone who is devoted to school work, but someone who also represents the university. My pick? Courtney Wensel.

            Courtney Wensel is a junior health science student with a psychology minor, as well as a multisport athlete. When asked why she chose this field, she said “I’ve always wanted to go into the health/medical field, and my godmother and role model is a trauma nurse. I’ve always looked up to her and the stories that she has shared have been so intriguing. I expressed interest early on in what she does as a career.” After graduation, Courtney would like to become a trauma nurse in a hospital ER, just like her godmother. What excited her the most about becoming a trauma nurse is “all of the excitement and buzz of the ER. It’s very fast paced and you need to be quick on your feet.”

            Not only is Courtney a devoted student here at Jefferson, she is also a devoted athlete whilst playing both volleyball and softball. She says that “I’ve always been on the go and busy ever since middle school; there was never a season where I didn’t play a sport.” In high school Courtney was a three-sport athlete with basketball. Volleyball was her favorite and strongest sport, while softball was a close second. When she was recruited to play college volleyball, the idea of narrowing down from three sports to one was not appealing. Lucky enough, she could play her two favorite sports at Jefferson. With volleyball in the fall and softball in the spring, this gave Courtney the perfect opportunity to play the two sports that she loves. “My coaches and teammates are very supportive in playing two sports, which helps as well.”

            As a one sport athlete myself, I find it difficult sometimes to stay organized and balanced with school work. When I asked Courtney about her balance techniques, she said “it actually comes easier to me than most people think. I believe that I manage my time and schoolwork better because I am an athlete. I know in my mind that I must get things done at a certain time to be able to balance school and sports. Surprisingly, it helps me stay organized and on track.”

            Aside from being an athlete and a full-time student, Courtney is able to enjoy a little bit of free time. She is a very talented artist, and has always been drawn to painting and drawing since she was little. She finds it very relaxing to sit down and paint on a canvas occasionally. Since she loves to stay busy, Courtney has recently taken up dog walking through this app called Wag! It’s basically like Uber, but for dog walking. It lets her choose her own hours, including where and what time she wants to walk a dog.

            Courtney is a role model for young student-athletes who look to succeed. With hard work and great work ethic, you can achieve your goals and also have fun along the way.

Don’t forget to come support Courtney and the Jefferson University Women’s Volleyball team as they near the end of their season!