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New Years Eve

Most people think it’s overrated, but the chosen few feel very different. New Year's Eve has been my favorite holiday ever since I could remember. There is something that resonates with me when I think about the ball drop and the huge party going on in Times Square. Not only that, but the love, the reflection, and the senescence we must all come to terms with. Years go by so fast. It’s almost as if when we blink, we miss so much of it. New Year's Eve to me is a thrill. I get the chance to think about my past decisions, situations, and most importantly, learn what I can do better in the next year to come. 2018 was a year of decisions and newness. I look back and see the youth in almost every decision I’ve made- because I’m still new to the adult life I’ve been living. There is a lot that I learned in 2018. From putting old bay in ramen to make it taste better, to always looking at the bigger picture in difficult situations; I’ve grown so much.

I recently had a conversation with one of my longest friends, Cierra. It was so nice to catch up, and she told me how she reads every article that I write. Which honestly, means so much to me. She explained to me how she read my article about home, and how she understood how hard it is to let go and learn to love school. Conversations like this make me excited to write about the things I love and the things I’m learning. And she gave me a new perspective into the things I should be looking forward to- change. All of my friends know how much New Year's Eve means to me. It’s almost more important than my birthday. New beginnings are like a cleanse for the body and mind. Goals need to be reached and determine sets in. Anything is possible when the date is January 1st. Yeah yeah, most people don’t care about a new year. They see it as a new year full of setbacks, but me, I see it as an opportunity.

So, thanks to Cierra, this year I’m going to embrace the new. I’m going to love and conquer the new. I’m going to celebrate, dance, work hard, and thrive in the new. Because it is a new year, what do I have to lose?


Jordan Greco

Jefferson '22

Hello, my name is Jordan! I am a nursing student who loves the beach, music, and cheesesteaks!
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