New Premieres That Will Have You FALLING In Love This Fall!


We loved Dan Humphreys in Gossip Girl, now we can love him as Joe Goldberg in the new show “You” on Lifetime that aired in September. Based on the novel “You” by Caroline Kerpes, “You” is about Joe, a social media whiz, does everything in his power to get the girl of his dreams which ultimately turns into an obsession.


Nappily Ever After

Based on the novel “Nappily Ever After” by Trisha R. Thomas, Violet had the most perfect life and hair. She spent endless years of looking perfect but once Violet didn’t receive the perfect present on her birthday and found out the ugly truth about being too perfect, she cuts off her hair after a very bad perm. Soon she finds out there’s more to life than perfect hair.


To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Before I even begin this Netflix movie has stolen our hearts since it came out. Based on the novel by Jenny Han, Laura Jean Song Covey had her world turned upside down when all five of her letters to her long-time crushes were mysteriously mailed out. Her imaginary love life has just got real.


The Purge

We all know the movies, now we get a series! If you’ve been completely MIA for the past couple years, the Purge has been a phenomenon for many thrill-seekers. The Purge is set in an altered universe of the United States where all crime is legal for 12 hours. Now, “The Purge” is a show on TV that follows the lives of a few people that discover how far they must go to survive a whole night.


New Amsterdam

There have been multiple medical shows on the rise following the hype of Grey’s Anatomy when it hit Netflix a few years back. This being the most recent medical show created as of Fall 2018. This is one of my person favorites. “New Amsterdam” is about a new medical director, Dr Max Goodwin, rebuilding America’s oldest public hospital to heal the corrupt hospital system. With subtle plot twists, I think this will become a fan favorite on NBC.


A Million Little Things

NBC really knows how to tug on the heart strings. “A Million Little Things” had just come out as of late September and I have to say is far like no other. This show brings up topic that is not really addressed on tv, which is suicide. After the unexpected suicide of their best friend, a group of friends who have been caught up in their own lives realize that life needs to be lived to the fullest. Even though this show touches on heavy topics, it really is a feel good show.


Dancing with the Stars: Junior

Dancing with the Stars brings us THE CUTEST spin-off of all time! Like it’s predecessor, “Dancing with the Stars” brings a little twist. Professional junior ballroom dancers gets paired with kid celebrities to perform dances each week with the help of a professional mentor from “Dancing with the Stars”. I am a huge fan of “Dancing with the Stars” so I am so excited to watch!


Sierra Burgess is A Loser

If we didn’t love Noah Centineo enough, here’s another of the 192773 reasons why he has a special place in our hearts. Along with Centineo, Molly from Stranger Things also brings us to tears as the main character Sierra Burgess. Netflix has been creating amazing, original content and this is up there with the rest. This movie is about a high school senior named Sierra who is known as a big loser in high school befriends the most popular girl in school when Sierra starts to catfish her crush, Jamey. This unexpected romance has all of us wishing we were Sierra by the end.



We loved Debby Ryan as Bailey on “Sweet Life on Deck” now we are OBSESSED with Patty on the new Netflix series “Insatiable”! “Insatiable” is about Patty, a once overweight bullied teenager who becomes irresistible and not to mention vengeful after being on an all-liquid diet over her summer vacation. Patty is now out for blood on all the people that picked on her.


Station 19

We loved Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy has us hooked, what more could we ask from Shonda Rhimes? A spin-off of course! Station 19 follows the lives of Seattle firefighters, even throwing in a crossover with Greys every now and then. Follow Andy Herrera as she takes on the position of Lieutenant with her fellow firefighters, including new rookie firefighter Ben Warren, formerly Dr. Warren on Grey’s Anatomy.