New Age OOTD

When I hear the term “OOTD” my mind immediately goes back to 2012 when I was scrolling through endless Tumblr and Pinterest posts of girls in neon tank tops and high-top converse wishing I could be cool like them. I had plenty of mirror selfies with my pink cannon camera saved to my computer, but I was too scared to post them anywhere in fear of my outfits not meeting the standards of other, cooler girls.


Nine years later, I finally started taking OOTD’s again, but thankfully my style, and my mindset about posting my pictures has changed.

Sharing my outfits with my friends and my followers has become a way for me to show a part of myself that I’m really proud of. I’ve cultivated a wardrobe of thrifted, vintage, and Depoped clothing that I think deserves its own place on my Instagram profile and Pinterest boards. Taking pictures and posting them motivates me to try new combinations of what I already have in my closet, and sometimes helps me plan out my entire week! I’ve learned to layer and mix patterns and added accessories to different outfits, depending on where I’m going and who I’m seeing.

I used to never post pictures of my outfits on the internet because I was scared of what people would say about how I dressed. (In all honesty, maybe in 2012 it was better that I kept those mirror selfies to myself) Now, I do it for me because I think it’s fun, and it makes me happy. I have an entire album on my phone of mirror selfies that have been keeping me sane and keeping me stylish for the last year and a half.