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A lot happened in September for me, and music guided me through it all. I started my Fall Semester, turned 21, took on some insane projects, and developed more as a person. Here are the songs that got me through all of this, and more, during September.


Starting off with the best, ATEEZ has done it again with another hit. This song has been on repeat all summer for me, and obviously I’m still obsessed if it’s my most listened to song each week. This song has the right amount of fun, creativity, and singing to keep me entertained and listening on repeat for hours and hours. Quite literally what the industry needed, and I need everyone to listen to it daily just like me. This song has made me smile and energetic when I felt burnt out and ready to stay in bed the entire summer. Now, it gets me up and energized for class and works as an instant mood-booster!

Far- SZA

This song is always going to be my top song. It’s stuck with me ever since the album came out. The opening line about dealing with rejection and being free sets the mood just right for the rest of the song to work through the emotions of becoming someone new. As corny as it sounds, I feel like I became a new person this month, especially after my birthday. So this song continues to grow and relate to me.

Youngest Daughter- Superheaven

I have no idea how or why I stumbled upon this song, but it was recent, and it quickly became a favorite. It’s something about chill rock that gets me every single time. This is mainly the song I listen to when I’m walking to my classes, especially since it’s been a little gloomy lately due to all of the rain. Sometimes I’ll focus on the lyrics if I’m in one of my moods, but majority of the time I’m just vibing with the music.


FOUR is a song that puts me in a good mood, and I’ve listened to it on repeat for 2 whole days straight. Maybe this is my sign to listen to DAISY more often, because this song is absolutely amazing. The lead singer’s vocal tone with the music and the different instruments used and how they all mesh together makes this song so addicting. I highly recommend it to any and every one that asks!


She’s classy, she’s fun, she’s thee it girl. Even if you do listen to k-pop, this song has such great harmonies and musicality that it will be addicting to anyone. Compared to the other songs I’ve listed so far; this one will make you dance even if you don’t want to. I’ve definitely had to catch myself while on my walk to campus. Honestly I’ve played this on my worst days and instantly felt better.

Diamond Porter

Jefferson '25

I’m Diamond, a fashion design major at Thomas Jefferson University set to graduate in 2025. I sew, paint, draw, and design and I’m interested in owning my own business and clothing line or becoming a professional stylist!