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After a semester kickoff filled with snow and ice, the conditions have been perfect to stay indoors, binging shows, drinking hot chocolate, and procrastinating those first few weeks of homework. This winter, one of my favorite activities has been enjoying board games with family and friends. Although we are hopefully getting some warmer weather soon, here are my top 5 board games for you to play during your cold, winter days. 

1. Azul

I was obsessed with Azul over winter break! After playing it for the first time on Christmas, my family and I would spend hours a day enjoying leftover cookies and playing Azul over and over again. In Azul, the players take turns selecting tiles to create their own mosaic wall, gaining points for how many tiles they have or specific patterns they have created. The gameplay goes very quickly too once you’ve got the hang of the rules, even if you have several players!

2. Planted

Planted was another one of my winter break favorites. In this game, you purchase your own houseplants and through a series of turns, collect resources to help your plants grow! You can also buy tools and decorations for your plants to help you earn bonus points. Planted is one of the easiest-to-learn games that I have played in a while, so it is definitely quick to pick up and get the hang of. The game is gorgeously illustrated and is especially great for plant lovers!

3. Hues and Cues

Maybe it’s the graphic designer in me, but Hues and Cues is one of my favorite board games ever! In Hues and Cues, players are challenged to identify a color by either a one or two-word “cue” given by another player, such as apple, coffee, or grape candy. Every player gets a turn to give cues or guess colors and the debate that happens after the color is revealed is usually my favorite part. This is definitely my must-have game for game nights!

4. Pantone the Game

I’m revealing a bit of my color obsession here, but another one of my favorite games is Pantone the Game. In this game, you are given cards in 15 different Pantone colors and players take turns acting as the “artist.” The artist then chooses a card and is given characters to build using the simple color cards. The rest of the players then have to guess which character the artist tried to create. This game is perfect for color fanatics like myself, or pop culture fans, with the wide variety of shows and movies represented by the character cards. 

5. Monopoly

Monopoly is a classic board game, either loved or hated by all. It’s been one of my personal favorites since I was little, but I have reached a point where my sister refuses to play with me any longer. That aside, my favorite way to make Monopoly a little more fun for you and your friends is to select a Monopoly board based on your favorite shows or movies! All of these different boards feature fun and unique rules based on the show, such as rolling an 11 in Stranger Things Monopoly. There is such a variety since the game has been around so long so I am sure you will be able to find one you love!

Emma Prushan

Jefferson '25

Emma is a junior at Jefferson studying Visual Communication Design/Graphic Design. She serves as Senior Editor, Events Coordinator, and Graphic Designer of HerCampus Jefferson. In her free time, she enjoys reading, doing crafts, playing the guitar, and taking any opportunities to be creative!