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            To start, I’d just like to say that I do not like politics. Not even just politics, to be honest, the Government as a whole. Of course, I believe in Democracy, I believe every human has a right to their own opinion, body, and voice. I do not support or believe in any inequality, hatred, or disrespect against any other human or vice versa. I love my Earth, my friends, my community, my country, and my family. I truly believe that the government and parties were created to split the country and divide our society to manipulate us. It is the easiest way for elite officials to make money and have power. I know, I know, I sound like the biggest conspiracy theorist.

This year has been the most complicated, depressing, stressful, most awful year that will be remembered forever in our generation. Between Covid-19, the systemic and national racism, the Black Lives Matter movement and protests, the election. I could go on. I know all Americans feel divided. Social media has been hard to keep up with. Every day we’re canceling a new person, sometimes for really acute reasons. Other times for reasons that were a mistake or a horrible thing.

I think social media has been detrimental to our society’s growth when it comes to the media and news. Obviously, there have been many true and genuine broadcasts about life in 2020. Including media coverage that is necessary for the safety of communities and powerful knowledge for us to know. But things sometimes become mixed up and not factual on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

Continued, in my opinion, this election has taken cancel culture to a new level. Not even just on social media, but in real life. I know many people who believe every non-democrat or Trump supporter is racist, homophobic, or idiotic. And yes, there are those people in America. But there are also Republicans who don’t think that, who have the right to believe in the Republican agenda or values. Just because someone claims they are republican doesn’t mean they believe in inequality or want to take the minorities of America’s rights away. 

            What I am trying to get at, is that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, as long as it isn’t clearly unethical, non-dehumanizing, or uneducated.

            Whether you vote for Biden or Trump: That is Your Choice. But before you cast in your ballot: I ask you to think one thing. Do you truly believe your vote is what your moral conscience is telling you who to vote for? Do you have all the facts from both parties? Have you done your own thorough research? Make a Pro’s and Con’s list that is factual and that correlates with your values. This vote isn’t easy for everyone to make, and I just want all of America to see that we are all one in this life. We have a voice, a choice, an entitlement to our own bodies, and more potential than we could ever imagine.

            We need to come together and acknowledge that we have a voice and presence that is louder and stronger than all of the Government officials (historically and present-day) combined, that could completely defeat all division and hatred in our country.

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