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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Jefferson chapter.

Last semester, I wrote an article showcasing my “ins and outs” for the Fall. As we go into the new season, I wanted to write an updated article of my ins and outs. Though it’s still winter and the weather is still gloomy, cold, and sad, mentally I’m laying in green grass under clear skies while a perfect 70 degree breeze blows around me. In preparation for that dream to become a reality, here are my ins and outs for the Springtime.


  1. Sunscreen! Skincare girlies, fear not; I have in fact been wearing sunscreen (almost) all winter to protect my skin from UV rays. But, as the sun stays out longer and I spend more time outside, I am even more on top of keeping my skin safe. I’ve been using the e.l.f Suntouchable SPF 30 sunscreen/primer for the last few months and I love it. Smells like warm days and bike rides.
  2. ASMR naps. I mentioned how lots and lots of sleep was in for Fall, and it stays in for Spring. Open window naps are my favorite when it’s warm enough. Turn on an ASMR video on YouTube (I love Luna Bloom ASMR, personally), crack the window, and let the fresh air and tingles lull you into the best nap ever.
  3. 90s/2000s throwbacks, Del Water Gap, and Declan McKenna. Again, were these artists and music styles ever out? No. But do they sound like spring? Absolutely. Listen to my March playlist here :-)
  4. Spending more time in fictional worlds. Time to start chipping away at that to-be-read list.
  5. Going out. Making it my goal to make the most of my last undergrad semester and do more activities that are just so college.


  1. Spending so much time on TikTok. Enough said.
  2. Wasting money on things I don’t need. If I’m having a rough day, I’ll find a better coping mechanism in my mental health toolbox.
  3. Bangs. I loved my bangs! The first time I cut them. No more spontaneous haircuts when I’m hormonal, the moon is full, or I’m feeling sillygoofy. 

Here’s to a happy spring, and here’s hoping it gets here soon.

Hey there, my name is Amelia! I am a psychology major who loves music, food, writing, and watching movies!