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Like most other young adults in the world, I am a huge fan of Olivia Rodrigo. I went to the Sour tour last year at the Met in Philly and when I say it was one of the most fun concerts I’ve ever been to, I really mean it! There was so much good energy, and you could really tell how much everyone loved Olivia. This made me know that if she were to ever go on tour again, I need to go! Then, her sophomore album Guts came out a couple weeks ago and I knew it was only a matter of time before the Guts World Tour was announced. 

 Once the tour was announced, I signed up for the second general presale, not the first American Express one. I knew that there was a slim chance that I would receive a presale code, so I made one of the girls I planned on going to the concert with register as well. We and two of our friends waited patiently for a week to see if one of us received a code. A day before the sale, my best friend said she received an email saying she was waitlisted. I knew at that point I either didn’t get an email back or I was also waitlisted. To my surprise, I was actually selected for the presale! While my friends and I were excited that we had a little bit of a chance to get tickets, we have been seeing some questionable TikToks from people that got into the American Express presale that day. A lot of people were saying that Ticketmaster either kept on glitching or even if they were only three to five hundred in line, the minimum price for tickets was five hundred dollars! We knew at that point the chances of us getting tickets were pretty low.  

The next day, September 21st, was the day of the sale. I knew that since it started at three, I had to be on Ticketmaster by no later than two to ensure my spot in line. As two o’clock approached, I made sure my billing information was up to date on Ticketmaster and was waiting on the screen with my presale code by my side. Around 2:45 I was transferred into the waiting room and once it hit 3:00, ticket sales began. My friends and I were texting nonstop as the sale was about to begin, anxiously waiting and still trying to be hopeful. I was 741 in the queue and by 3:06, it was my time to choose my tickets. As soon as I entered, I realized the lowest ticket price was fifty dollars, and the lowest for four next to each other were eighty. Without a second thought, I found the first four seats next to each other I could find and purchased my tickets. No glitches and no crazy prices. I immediately texted my friends “I GOT THE TICKETS!!”  

Even though many other people had crazy and unlucky experiences with Ticketmaster presales, I am so very happy that my experience went smoothly. Now, all four of us will be patiently waiting and deciding on outfits until the summertime comes! See you in July, Olivia! – Your fellow spicy Pisces 

Olivia Robb

Jefferson '26

Hi! My name is Olivia Robb and I am a first-year Pre-Medical Studies major here at TJU! I love many things from makeup to Marvel and I am so excited to be a part of this group!