My First TIme in New York City

Even though I have been to New York countless times, I had never been to New York City. This past January, I finally went and visited the city along with my two of my friends. We spent the whole day there and at the end of day we had dinner and saw my first Broadway show.

(Going down the escalator in the Disney store. You can see Mickey!)

We took a greyhound from Philadelphia and arrived around 2 in the afternoon. We walked around a bit since our dinner reservation wasn’t until 6. We went to Times Square and checked out the Disney Store since I had never been to one before. It looked amazing inside! The escalator going to the rest of the store had decorations everywhere and made it feel like you were walking through a forest. The interesting thing was when you went down you could see different Disney characters in the forest. After that, we walked around and visited two drama shops. One of them even had a cat on the checkout counter! We even went found a fabric store that probably had every type of fabric known. We went into Saks Fifth Ave just to look around (and had a few heart attacks from seeing the prices of some of the clothes).

(Inside Saks Fifth Ave)

We went to Hurley’s Saloon for dinner before the show. The atmosphere and food were incredible! We sat in a booth on the second floor. The booths all had dividers between them that went up to the ceiling and created a sense of privacy. The booth was well lit and we could see outside the window. The food was amazing! I got a veggie burger and it came with fries. It was really filling and reasonably priced. I suggest that if you have a chance to go to Hurley’s, give it a try!

(My veggie burger I got at Hurley’s)

Finally, we went to see our Broadway Show. We saw Hello, Dolly! at the Shubert Theater. I was really happy that it was my first Broadway show because I loved it! Dolly was played by Bernadette Peters and Horace Vandergelder was played by Victor Garber. The entire cast did an amazing job. The set and costumes were amazing and so bright! The music was amazing as well. My favorite song was Put On Your Sunday Clothes (if you haven’t heard it, listen to it!). There was a good amount of comedy balanced in with the drama going on in the musical. I highly recommend seeing it if you get the chance.

Overall, I really enjoyed my trip to New York City. The main reason we went was so I could see my first Broadway show and I have to say I was blown away. The musical was so well done and Bernadette Peters did an amazing job. I can’t wait to see my next Broadway show (hopefully soon)!