My Favorite Halloween Movies

Lately, this October hasn’t felt like Halloween at all. With so many assignments and exams, I have been very stressed out and rarely have time to relax, kick back and enjoy "me-time" without worrying about all the responsibilities encroaching on me. Since spooky season is passing, here are a few of my favorite movies to watch one last time...before you have to wait another 365 days for next Halloween!

  1. 1. Monster House

    This movie is a classic. Although the animation is a little weird, the plot is surprisingly good and the humor is still funny. Recently I found out this movie wasn’t supposed to be released because of funding, which is weird considering how big of a hit it was!

  2. 2. Hocus Pocus

    Another classic, you should have seen this one coming! Watching the Anderson sisters will never get old, who’s your favorite?

  3. 3. Halloweentown

    I love this movie but disliked the remake for one of the last Halloweentown’s. Also, it gets a little weird when they get old...but the original ones can’t be beat!

  4. 4. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

    This movie I recently saw in theatres before I came back to school. It was odd that this movie was in theatres before Halloween season, but I went to go see it anyway. It was pretty good and I rate it 8/10. However, I guess it makes sense that this movie decided to air before Halloween to get people excited for the season...and so it didn’t have to compete with the new Joker movie.

  5. 5. Twitches

    This movie was way beyond its time...and I really need to watch it again.

There you have it! Make sure you make time to watch these movies before it’s too late. I love all of them and it’s too hard to choose just one.