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Medicine cabinet packed full of skincare products
Medicine cabinet packed full of skincare products
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Not all but the majority of the female population likes having healthy and good skin. We all struggle with acne and hormones playing with our skin. For the longest time, I had to deal with fungal acne, a type of acne that is quite common in females. It consists of tiny bumps on the forehead. It made me very self-conscious every time I talked to someone because I felt like that is where the person’s attention would go. So, with the help of a dermatologist and learning more about skincare, I figured out what works best for me. Here is my everyday night routine for my skin.

BHA toner

The whole idea behind this product is to dissolve the dead skin on the face leaving you with a glow. When all that dead skin is gone, it leaves the skin smoother. I like putting this first because it goes on my dry skin after I have washed it.

Snail mucin power essence 

Yes, I know it might sound weird to hear the word snail in a skincare item, but this stuff is magic. Its focus is to give hydration to the skin, especially from all the moisture it loses after washing it. I like to put this after the BHA because the BHA has acid, which can dry the skin out, so this helps restore it.

PM moisturizer 

Moisturizer is a clever idea in one’s skincare. Honestly, one of the most important steps in everyday skincare after sunscreen. This acts as a barrier for your skin and the air that might dry your skin out. It also provides hydration which our body likes inside and out.


I got tretinoin prescribed by my dermatologist, it was a huge turning point in my skin journey. Further, this product has been proven to help keep the pores squeaky clean and help with wrinkles. And I know we all want to prevent wrinkles as much as we can till we cannot anymore.

Thicker moisturizer 

Tretinoin should always be sandwiched between two moisturizers, so this is the last step in my skincare. It also acts as a lock-in for all the products I applied for before this step. (2 times a week I like to use a rice mask cream for extra hydration)

Lip Mask 

No one wants dry lips. So always moisturize those. I like Laneige personally cause of the thickness. 

And that is it! That is my routine. One thing to always keep in mind is consistency, and once you keep a consistent routine, you will see the results for all the effort you put into your skin. It will not feel like a chore every day when you feel good about it, and it is working.

Jasleen Multani

Jefferson '26

I am a Thomas Jefferson student majoring in Biochemistry.