Monthly Favorites: September

Kellyn: Jelly face mask

Like most people, I’ve loved face masks for a while but never feel the need to splurge on them - I like to use $2 ones that you can find at Target or TJ Maxx. But, recently my skin has been a bit of a mess and I wanted to try some more natural products that might help.So, headed to Lush! They have new jelly face masks that just came to stores and I love the one I got, which is the FOMO mask! The masks are a solid jelly-like substance that turn into a paste in your hands and make for the perfect mask. Mine smells like roses and immediately made my skin feel a lot calmer. Definitely worth it! - Kellyn

PC: Youtuber Effie Clarke 

Carly: Plates from Sur La Table

A couple weeks ago I bought two plates at King of Prussia Mall that were adorable. The store was called Sur La Table and it specialized in kitchenware and home decor. Typically, stores like this bore me and I rarely ever get excited about plates, but these were just  too cute to pass up! They were on clearance for $6 each.

PC: Carly

Brittany: David's Tea

A couple weeks ago, I had some free time to head to the KOP mall with my boyfriend. He had mentioned earlier about this store called David’s Tea that opened up at King of Prussia, so we decided to stop in it while we were on our way out. Luckily we did, because the tea was great! You can either buy loose leaf or boxes of tea bags; if you go for the tea bags, they are 100% oxygen bio-degradable. They had all different kinds of organic flavors, some fruity and others more classic herbal. They had a deal for their boxes, so I ended up with three different teas: green tea, pear blossom, and wild strawberry. I’ve already tried all of them out, and I can’t pick a favorite because they are all so good. If you are a tea lover like me, I highly suggest getting to David’s Tea at some point. You won’t regret it!

PC: A Greek Girls Take!

Abbey: Letterpress fair in Lancaster.

For one weekend in September, Lancaster hosted a letterpress fair that featured lots of vendors, food trucks, print competitions, and live demonstrations. The street fair hosted lots of local and national artists and designers. As a graphic design major, it was so cool to see all of the beautiful typography and prints (plus there was loads of great free goodies too). It definitely gave me inspiration for future design projects.

PC: Abbey

Cora: Bought new jeans (American Eagle).

I’ve been putting off buying new jeans for awhile. It’s usually something I do only once a year, but this past month I realized I was only wearing the same two or three pairs and decided to splurge and buy a few new pairs. American Eagle is the only brand of jeans I buy, since I need the extra length in the legs. I’ve only worn each pair once but have gotten a TON of compliments on them! They were having a great sale that included their clearance items, and I snagged the pair pictured below!


Jackie: Terror Behind the Walls.

On September 22nd Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary opened for their annual Halloween attraction. The textile fraternity, Phi Psi, went together as a fun bonding event. We were a small group, but it was perfect because they usually only let groups of six go through the attraction at a time. It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. However, one member of the group opted for the glow stick necklace that allowed the actors to touch and pull him apart from the group, which was slightly terrifying.


PC: Jackie 

Photo Cover: Unsplash