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Monthly Favorites: November


In the past few weeks I have been reliving my middle school to high school years by rewatching one of my favorite shows and realizing again why I loved it so much. I actually think it’s become better as I’ve gotten older and I’m happy I started it again. – Kellyn

Over the Garden Wall:

While it is not a popular cartoon series, Over the Garden Wall tells the story of two brothers who get lost in the woods. This short series was broadcasted on Cartoon Network and is definitely worth watching on a cold, fall afternoon. It is an emotional journey with a mix of comedic references. – Emily


I have recently discovered the world of YouTubers. My favorite channels are Elijah and Christine, Chris Klemens and Cody Ko. YouTube is great if you want to watch funny videos, but not a full episode of something. It’s also free! – Carly

Graffiti Pier:

This past weekend, some friends and I visited graffiti pier on the Delaware River.  It wasn’t that cold out so it was fun to explore and be outside.  I couldn’t believe I had never been before.  Every surface was covered in street art.  It’s a great place to watch the sunset over the city.  I also recommend going if you want to get some cool pictures for your Instagram feed! -Ashby

Grey’s Anatomy: 

Alright, so I know I’m a little late to the whole thing, but I just started Grey’s the other week and I can’t stop watching. It took me a few tries to get really into it, but now there’s no turning back. I’ve been dodging spoilers online and in real life left and right, and so far it has been working pretty well. -Cora

Philly AIDs Thrift:

I love thrift shopping, but hadn’t been since I moved to Philly for school. The other day I visited Philly AIDS Thrift with a friend of mine, and I was in heaven. Two levels and many rooms later, I had gotten two jackets and a Calvin Klein bralette for $9. I definitely need to go back! -Mary

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