Meet the Memebers: Emma McCoy

Name: Emma McCoy

Hometown: Cape May Court House, NJ

Major: Fashion Merchandising and Management

Year: Freshman


How did you find out about Her Campus?

I found out about Her Campus because I knew one of the Campus Correspondents, Anna McFadden, before coming to Jefferson. I saw what she would share on Facebook and fell in love with Her Campus’ mission and wanted to be a part of it!

What about it made you want to join?

I’ve always loved writing, but as a Fashion Merch major, I don’t really get a creative writing outlet. Her Campus gives that to me! I can write about what drives and inspires me and get to use my voice to speak about topics I am passionate about.

How has your experience as a member been so far this semester?

I have gotten close to some of my fellow Her Campus girls, and I’ve loved every minute of my time as a member. Everyone cares about you and wants to see you succeed, and getting to use some of my photography background with my Her Campus fam last week was a ton of fun! It helped us all grow closer and we all had a great time taking pics around campus.

Do you have any goals for your future as a Her Campus member?

I want to inspire somebody else to not feel afraid of who they are and to believe in themselves. Some of the ideas I have for articles are a bit personal and “deep”, but I want to share them because I want to potentially help someone else who is going through the same things I did in the past

If someone asked you if they should join HC, what would you tell them?


Any fun facts about yourself that you want the public to know?

I am a classically trained pianist of 13 years, but I love learning jazz music as well. I also play the guitar and ukulele. Most importantly, I can quote almost any episode of Always Sunny by heart and have a potentially unhealthy obsession with all things Jake Gyllenhaal.