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In honor of the April showers we’ve been getting, I thought I’d make a little guide to having the perfect rainy day. Personally, I’ve always loved the rain. I love the sound, the smell, and the relaxing mood it brings. But if you’re one of those people who can’t stand it, I understand! Sometimes it can be hard to stay motivated and feel good when the weather is just so…blah! So, here are some things I like doing to romanticize the rain: 

  1. Proper Gear 

It is an absolute must to have proper attire because how could you enjoy the rain if you’re getting completely soaked in it? Planning a cozy (and waterproof) outfit really gives me something to look forward to and enjoy. 

  • Rain Boots: I don’t think rain boots get the recognition they deserve here on campus. The puddles here are no joke! Everyone knows it’s impossible to get to class without stepping in one on these bad rainy days. I honestly don’t know what I would have done this week without my rain boots. It’s the most freeing feeling to walk right through those puddles without having to worry about ruining my shoes and having wet feet. Style them over jeans or leggings, or even with a dress or skirt, and they look absolutely adorable!  
  • Umbrella: I know this one’s kind of a given. But for some reason, it never occurred to me to bring an umbrella to college. And it wasn’t a big deal until this week when I really needed one. So if you don’t have one, do yourself a favor and get one! You’ll thank yourself later.  
  1. Treat yourself 
  • Get a little treat to brighten up your day! I like to splurge a bit on days like these. Maybe go to a local cafe (I love Vault & Vine!) and get yourself the fancier drink that you wouldn’t normally buy. Or maybe order some DoorDash. Whatever it is that you may not normally treat yourself to, go for it today. You deserve it!  
  • I also try to use rainy days to just relax and take a break, if I can. I love to take it as an opportunity to catch up on reading or watch a movie or two. What better way to spend a rainy day than to sit by a window and get cozy with your favorite book/movie? 
  1.  Pick the Right Music 
  • Good music is so important to match the mood and help lift you up a bit. I have an entire playlist dedicated to rainy days. These are some of my favorite songs from it:  
  • “ROS” – Mac Miller 
  • “A Sunday Kind of Love” – Etta James (I love a classic love song when it rains) 
  • “Something” – The Beatles 
  • “Higher” – Rihanna  
  • “Selfless” – The Strokes 
  • “Piledriver Waltz” – The Arctic Monkeys 
  • “The Bug Collector” – Haley Heyndericks (this song, and the entire album it’s on, just sounds like a rainy spring garden!) 
  • “Luna” – The Smashing Pumpkins 
  • “Blackbird” – The Beatles 
  • “Seaside” – The Kooks 
  • “Mardy Bum” – Arctic Monkeys (very upbeat and so underrated) 
  • Any song by The Smiths (no explanation needed) 
Carly Esterman

Jefferson '27

I'm Carly, a first-year fashion merchandising student here at Jefferson! I love cooking and baking, music, reading, and of course, fashion!