Lil Dicky's New Song and Why It's So Important

    If you haven’t seen the music video for Lil Dicky’s new song Earth, here is a link: (make sure to watch it and come back to this article!) If you have seen it, then keep reading!


    Lil Dicky is infamous for his quirky character and comedic rap songs. He tells stories through his music and has recently touched on the issues facing our planet. The music video perfectly animates major issues such as climate change, plastic, shootings, pollution, and how we need to take action now. While also collaborating with our favorite stars such as Justin Bieber and Leonardo Dicaprio, Lil Dicky sings “We love our Earth, it is our planet, we love the Earth, it is our home.” In the song, Dicky accepts and expresses that even though we all come from different places and speak different languages- we all live on the same planet and therefore are one. Justin Bieber (as the baboon) as if we are going to die? Lil Dicky informs Bieber that it is indeed possible we could die, due to climate change, and how we treat Earth. But, Dicky reassures his fans that if “we get our shit together” soon, we could save our planet.


    It’s about time someone uses their platform for greater things, especially because he targets such an important audience. As the younger generation, we will ultimately be left with the consequences of global warming and pollution. Props to you Lil Dicky for spreading the word in such a creative and influential way!