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Kat Goodfellow ’16


NAME: Kat Goodfellow

HOMETOWN: Stanford, VA

MAJOR: Graphic Design, Minor in Fashion Illustration




What made you decide to come to PhilaU? Originally, I came here for architecture. I was drawn to the program because of how it was set up and because it seemed to get a lot of praise. After I switched to graphic design, I stayed because I like the school a lot.

If you could take one class over just for fun, what class would it be, and why? I would probably take any of my drawing classes over. I love to draw and I learned so much in each class.

What’s one piece of clothing in your closet that you can’t live without? I honestly can’t live without any of my graphic tees. I love to show my interests to the world.

Who in your life inspires you the most? My grandparents inspire me the most. They came from nothing and worked hard for what they have. They inspire me to work hard to achieve my dreams.

Finally, what’s your favorite TV show? The Walking Dead. I love blood, guts, and gore!

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