It’s Only September and I Already Miss Going to the Beach

Other than working all-day everyday this past summer, my favorite memories were made at the beach.


When I was younger, I used to enjoy going to the beach during the day because that meant I’d get to swim in the ocean and build sandcastles for a longer time. While I still prefer going early in the day and getting a tan, I don’t particularly enjoy the large crowds of people and the sweltering heat during prime beach time.


My ideal time to go to the beach is in the afternoon before the sunset and after the morning beach-goers have finally cleared out. It’s just you, your beach chair and the sounds of the ocean and seagulls.


My mom and I would bring sweatshirts for when the sun had finally set and books to read to pass the time while just enjoying one another’s company. I love sitting in the peaceful ‘silence’ in what I consider to be my safe space.


I can completely zone out and relax, all my troubles seem to melt away and there’s no better feeling than the cool breeze on your face at the beach and sand between your toes.