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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Jefferson chapter.

Interviews can be daunting. It’s hard to know what to say to make an interviewer see how passionate and perfect you are for the job.


The first step to every successful interview is research. It’s important to research the company as much as possible before going into the interview.  You want to know what consumer base they work with, if their company is growing and at what rate, and what their values are.

The next step is taking this information and preparing it for when you speak to the interviewer. It is great to take all this information and work it into who you are as an employee. For example, you want to use the same wording they used in their values to describe who you are as a person or how you work/your work ethic.


Also use your research to come up with insightful questions. Employers want to know that you are really interested in the company and that you want to absorb as much information as possible to be able to grow with them. An example of a question to impress the interviewer is: I understand that you are a global company with thousands of employees. Have you experienced or noticed your coworkers distinguishing themselves as a valued member of the company and not just a number?

Next look up the job you are interviewing for on Glassdoor.com. On this website other interviewees who have interviewed this job will often tell you about their experiences and different questions the interviewer asked them. This is a great way to prepare answers for some of the common questions companies like to ask.


One of the most important steps is dressing for success. You want to look professional to the interviewer and also feel positive about yourself. Do a power pose in your outfit and imagine yourself wearing it while at your new desk when you get the job. Envision it’s yours and tell the universe this is where you are meant to be.


Make sure you have everything prepared before you go. Have multiple copies of your resume available. Also prepare materials that can help you move conversation. If it is an analytical job have materials prepared that shows you understand the formulas you will be using. Interviews love to see what you are working on in your classes and how it can be moved over to the job.

Lastly, ask for the interviewer’s business card and always send a thank you letter thanking them for the time they took out of their day for you. Here you can also highlight some facts that you felt you impressed them with during the interview reminding them how great of a candidate you are.