I Went Braless for a Week...Here's What Happened

I’m always down for a challenge, so I decided to do the ‘Going Braless for One Week Challenge.’ I am well aware that my boobs are not that big- so it wasn’t that much of a challenge. Before the week began, I looked up the benefits of going braless. Besides comfort and empowerment, I learned that it improves circulation in your breasts. 

On day one, I wore a tight long sleeve top- because why not. I had three classes and then went to restorative yoga. Some of the poses we did involved laying on your stomach for a few minutes. It felt a little bit uncomfortable at first, but I eventually got used to it. It felt free not having an extra layer on to restrict me.

On day two, I wore a thin sweater and two jackets since it was extremely cold and windy. Since I had three layers on, my boobs were not that cold. I tried to stay inside as much as I could, but there was a fire drill in all of the dorms and apartments. I was planning on going to the gym braless for the first time, but decided to save that task for the next day.

On day three, I wore a big, comfy sweatshirt and went to my first three classes. Then, I found out that Harry Styles was going on tour and gave up all of my dignity to become a digital beggar for some floor seats. After lots of excitement over Harry starting the American leg of the tour in my city, I decided to go to the gym- but braless. My workout routine is not that intense. I walk on the treadmill for 10-15 minutes and then I do most of the weight machines. I did not find being braless at the gym to be that big of a difference from wearing a sports bra.

On day four, I had an event for SOTA club and then went into the city with my friends to film a project and get some lunch. At the restaurant, we sat in the same chair as Barack Obama sat in! The potato pancakes were the best I ever had and I would definitely go back there. Since it was pretty cold out, I had my jacket zipped all the way up to my chin for the majority of the day.

On day five, I had no classes. I just wore a sweatshirt and went to the gym again. Then I just got some homework done and edited my video that took the entire week to film. The whole video was only three minutes long. I was surprised because I filmed a little bit everyday and expected it to be longer.  

What I learned: I would definitely do this again. Especially in the summer. It’s easy to hide being braless in the winter because you can layer up. If you want to try it, you definitely should because it feels great and freeing.