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Don’t Sweat It: Tried and True Methods to Combat Sweat

Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, is a problem more people suffer from than you think. It can stem from multiple issues including anxiety. The winter months are fast approaching, but people with hyperhidrosis know that the sweat does not stop for the cold. The multiple layers of clothing that shield you from the cold can also cause sweating even in cold temperatures. Luckily, I’ve suffered from this problem for years mostly due to anxiety, so I’ve tried every product under the sun. My friends have used my recommendations multiple times and seen positive results every time. I’m here to reveal to you every secret product I that have to combat sweat.


Starting with the most obvious product that everyone uses for sweating, finding the right deodorant can be tricky. I’ve used almost every woman’s deodorant I could find at my local drug store, but nothing really worked. Even the deodorants that advertise “sweat protection” just never tamed the moisture. Then I realized, men’s deodorant is probably better, as almost all men’s products are better (don’t get me started on unnecessarily gendered products). So, I ventured to the men’s section and found my tried-and-true deodorant: Mitchum Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick for Men in the scent Clean Control. I cannot recommend this product enough; I’ve made so many of my friends buy it. It keeps the moisture under control, prevents any smell, and, ladies don’t worry, it doesn’t make you smell too much like a man.

Another option for deodorant that I have used that also works for sweat is Arrid XX Extra Extra Dry. This deodorant comes in multiple scents, in case you don’t like the smell of Mitchum, and can be found in most drug stores.



I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done a full face of make-up, thought I looked so good, then looked in the mirror 2 hours later and had a greasy shine all over my face. I was always worried to try different products on my face because I breakout so easily, and I use prescription acne treatment, so it makes my face very sensitive to change. But I found a few products that have never made my face breakout, help from the sweat. As always, be aware that everybody’s skin is different, and these products may have a different reaction to your skin.

First, before I apply any makeup or when I’m going somewhere that I know my face will sweat a lot, like the gym, I apply e.l.f. Oil Control Liquid Lotion. I was skeptical at first before I used it, but it really does limit the oil and sweat build up on my face, while also moisturizing my skin. Most of all, it prevents my makeup from melting off after I spent hours doing it. It is very affordable and does not have strong fragrance.


Now, if you forget to apply your oil control lotion or you just want a quick makeup fix on the go, I have two more products for when the swear is already on your face. First, is an affordable make up setting spray by Makeup Revolution called Matte Fix Oil Control Setting Spray. I also picked this up at Target and have been using it for a few months. I use it right after I’m done putting my makeup to really set it in place and prevent oiliness. I also use it throughout the night when I feel like the oil is starting to show a little. When it dries, it mattifies the skin without leaving any annoying residue behind.


Throughout the day or night, I also use Revlon’s Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Stone Roller. It is a small stone that you roll on your face, and it absorbs the oils without taking off any makeup. The product is very similar to oil blotting sheets; however, it is reusable. The stone pops right off the stick when needed and it can be washed with water. After it dries, the stone pops back in and it is ready to use. The roller is very small and fits easily into any bag for taking off oil quickly on the go.



Finally, while browsing the internet for sweat prevention products I found something to use in many areas all over the body: Lumē’s Whole Body Deodorant Tube. It is commonly used on armpits, feet, and, most interestingly, private parts. Yes, it is safe to use between your thighs (not directly on the area) where sweating is very common, as it is a clean product with no aluminum, baking soda, or parabens. Sweating down there is a problem many people struggle with, but it is talked about the least. Especially at the gym, sweating between thighs can be very embarrassing. This product decreases the sweat and any smell that may arise between the thighs. It can only be purchased off the website, but it comes in many different fragrances (and no fragrance) and is very effective. Be aware, when it comes out of the tube it does smell strange at first, but once applied the true fragrance comes through and it smells great.

The most important tip of all: do not be embarrassed by sweat! It is a normal, healthy part of your body. Your body is your permeant home, proud of it and every little thing that comes with it.

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