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How to use the Full Moon in February to your Advantage!

The full moon in February will present itself on the 16th at 11:57 pm. The February full moon is known as the snow moon, it will appear to be full for about three days starting on the 15th in the early morning till the 18th at midnight.

The full moon in February will be in the zodiac sign, Leo. Leo is ruled by the sun and is a sign of vitality, energy, enthusiasm, playfulness, and fearlessness. The full moon in Leo brings with it a burst of energy where you will feel revitalized and leave you looking at your life with a brighter perspective.

The full moon in Leo calls on you to reflect on what brings you passions and what drives you. It asks you to spend more time and energy on those things that bring you passion and release the things that take away your energy. The sign of Leo can also be tied to playfulness in a childlike manner so when it shows up in the full moon it asks us to reflect on what brought us joy as children. What did you enjoy and brought you happiness as a child? Was it singing, dancing, drawing, or painting? The full moon in Leo asks us to incorporate some of these passions into our daily life to revitalize our inner-child.

During the full moon in Leo make sure to use this new burst of energy in positive directions. Be careful to not fall into energy traps like making rash decisions or lashing out. Think carefully about your decisions during the full moon and make sure they are in the best interest for you and the people around you.

Overall, the full moon in Leo on February 16th will bring a new wave of energy to pursue your passions with! So, use this burst of energy to go for whatever inspires you!

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Abigail Slawek

Jefferson '25

Abigail Slawek is a psychology and trauma counseling major at Thomas Jefferson University. She is obsessed with astrology, tarot cards, crystals, and all things witchy! Things she is passionate about are mental health, wellness, and self-love!
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