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It’s finally the best part of fall, Halloween! Halloween is a time for sweets and spooky activities. Apple picking, pumpkin carving, and costume parties are all underway. Although this is super fun time, it is also important to stay safe. Here are some things to consider:

  • Stranger danger. Although a lot of people are out there having fun, make sure you are with someone especially if you’re going out.
  • Practice safe sex. The Halloween effect is real. It’s okay to enjoy the night but protecting yourself is still important.
  • Incorporate a mask into your costume. COVID is still a thing!
  • Do not eat apples without washing them. They can harbor dirt, bacteria, and parasites.
  • Use a pumpkin carving kit instead of a butcher or steak knife when carving a pumpkin. Surprisingly, these plastic kits are way more efficient at cutting through pumpkin rind and easier to control. They are also much safer than a serrated metal knife.
  • Slowdown in neighborhoods and community areas when driving. Especially closer to trick-or-treat night be prepared for little ones out and about enjoying their night.

Fall is all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Be proactive and make the fun last longer by protecting yourself! Enjoy spooky season!!!

Mari Adamson

Jefferson '24

Mari is a Sophomore at Jefferson University, majoring in health sciences and enrolled in the Pre-Physician's Assistant Program. In her spare time she enjoys hiking and finding new places to eat. She also has a passion for photography and self-care!
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