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People commonly associate romantic relationships with the term “breakup.” However, friendship breakups exist too, and to be frank, nobody speaks about them. Losing a friend can be just as upsetting, devastating, traumatic, and shocking as losing a significant other. That is why I will be providing methods to cope with the loss of a friend.

  1. Be understanding and create a sense of normalcy

            It is normal to drift apart from someone naturally. It is normal to realize that a person is not meant to be in your life. It is normal to distance yourself abruptly from someone after an extreme argument. Unfortunately, not all friendships last forever. Friendships coming to an end is a part of life. Any relationship takes a lot of work and responsibility. That is why it is okay if a friendship does not work out. It just means you both are not compatible enough for one another. It does not mean you both are failures or unlikeable people. However, it is important to understand what went wrong, learn from it, and grow to strengthen future friendships.

  1. It’s okay to grieve

            Many people build up a wall around them after losing someone that was important to them. A lot of people try to act like they do not care about the loss, although they do deep down inside. It’s okay to mourn the person you let go of. Even if a friendship was unhealthy in some aspects, there were still happy memories that existed. It’s okay to reflect on these memories and smile about the good times. It’s okay to release your emotions and cry about the pain you feel as well. You don’t have to pretend to maintain a “strong appearance.” Emotions are what make us human. I personally believe expressing how you feel will help you overcome what you’re going through faster.

  1. Form new friendships

            Sometimes after losing someone important to you, you feel like there is a missing piece in your life or a void. A way to rid that feeling is to surround yourself with new people you better connect with—finding friends who sincerely support you and make you happy can ultimately better your life. Creating new memories can distract you from the negative memories of the past. Forming friendships based on the knowledge gained from failed friendships can help lessen conflict and issues. Establishing boundaries and clearly stating what is disliked helps with this as well.

  1. Do not let it hold you back

            It is okay to be upset but do not let your sadness paralyze you. You still need to function and live your everyday life. You need to keep pushing yourself to be the best person you can be. Do not let it prevent you from doing what you want to in life. Do not let it form a barrier in front of meeting new friends. Do not allow it to blur your identity and make you lose sense of who you are. Continue focusing on yourself and your needs because that is just as important as the people around you. Not a lot of people realize that.

Hopefully, these points have helped you in some way. I wish you all the best in recovering after losing a friend. I have endured this experience before, so I understand how you feel. I am always here for advice and to offer my support. Do not hesitate to ever reach out.

Alyssa Farmer

Jefferson '24

I'm Alyssa! I'm a second year Nursing student. I love music, crystals, astrology, incense, Halloween, Marvel, Squishmallows, ramen and animals!
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