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How the December Full Moon will Affect Your Sun Sign

On December 19th, the cold moon is full in Gemini, the sign of communication. Full moons illicit endings and the release of things that are no longer serving you. Full moons can oftentimes be a chaotic period because the universe is forcing change. In combination with the full moon being in Gemini, there may be an overflow of communication involving too much information being spilled. It is advised during this period of chaotic communication to find stillness and listen to your calm inner voice.          

In Aries, the full moon in Gemini will cause communication issues and the facade that you have the upper hand in a situation and know it from all angles will be broken through. It is advisable to remain calm and listen more to those around you.                                             

For my fellow Tauruses, this is a time of contemplation and revaluing priorities in your life. Think about what makes you feel stable in life and make a plan going forward of how you can increase this stability in your life.                      

For Geminis, since the full moon falls in your sign it brings up the contemplation of your role in life. You may also feel overly emotional, and this may cause you to want to make some rash decisions. It is advisable to take a step back and consider if these rash decisions are actually for your greater good or not.                                           

For Cancers, you will be receiving closure on a situation that has been bothering you over the past few months. This resolution will create a feeling of zen in your life and you will realize that what was resolved was meant to happen.  

For Leos, this moon will illuminate issues with friendships. Your emotions will be heightened, and this could cause rifts between some of your close friends. Try to remain level-headed and keep your emotional reactions in check. You may also feel yourself getting closer with friends who share your ideological beliefs.                                                   

For Virgos, this full moon is making you focus on your career. Have you been working on a long-term project because it will be wrapping up successfully on or near the full moon? If you have been feeling undervalued in your work recently this is also a beneficial time to speak up.                                                

For Libras, this is a time of expansion in all areas of your life so welcome in the abundance flowing towards you! Libras are historically great communicators so your skills may be needed during this time of chaotic communication. However, make sure you’re not spreading yourself too thin with others and focus some energy on yourself.                                          

For Scorpios, this is a period of transformation where you need to shed things that are no longer serving you to expand your life in other areas. Don’t be afraid to let go of your need for control and instead become vulnerable to the whims of the universe and its plan for you!                    

For Sagittarius, this full moon will inspire contemplation on your romantic situation. For those who are in a relationship, take time to think about how your relationship makes you feel and act accordingly. For those who are single, this is a great time to step out of your comfort zone as you are feeling more driven in this area.                                          

For Capricorns, this should become a time of self-care for you. Whether you have been feeling worn down or just haven’t been taking the time to care for yourself, this is a wonderful opportunity to turn some of your energy into yourself.                                                         

For Aquariuses, have you been feeling creatively blocked recently? This will lift on the full moon, and you will be feeling a spark of energy that will apply to all areas of your life. This energy will especially be focused on your love life, whether you are dating or single there will be a revitalization of energy!

For Pisces, this may be a time of contemplating home life and your living situation. However, don’t make any rash decisions and try to communicate in a calm way instead of falling victim to the chaotic energy of the moon.

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